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After a long stressful train trip back (it kept being delayed, I had to wait an extra hour for train to come and on train, it delayed more than 2 hours to get me home and... yeah. ._.) i'm so happy to be back!!! aaah i miss my pc so much. lol :') friends, internet, netflix, steam, etc!

a LOT of things happened!!! i'll try my best to keep it short :>

*friday, day 1*
i got dentist's appointment early in morning... (yeah, what a pleasant way to start a day..) and wasn't really happy for a while but then i get on train and saw heather at station, hugged, talked so much on way back home~! :> At home, i talked with heather and peter about plans!! we then went to Hobby Lobby store but it was close to 8 pm so we didn't get to see everything, i got nice green picnic table cover off clearance though! then wewent to Game Craze (BEST VIDEO GAME STORE EVER) and there was a lady working there that knew so much about video games and has same taste in video games as i do! :heart:_:heart: and she was cute too! :'3 she helped me so much too omg, she recommended some games like Pokemon Conquest and told me if games are good or not as I pick ones out like Donkey Kong [GBC] or Harvest Moon GBC :>!! i played all of recommended ones, loved them all! omg. before we left, she let us get a free drink of slush and also gave me something special... and said that it's from Japanese and is not originally for sale either; o.o it was this. 


Yeah. it meant so MUCH to me.. she gave it to me for free... ._. it's a GBC carry case, btw! and even better; slate blue; my new favorite color too! HOW NICE!!!!! *O* and i thanked her so much, saying that it was really nice to meet someone who know a lot about video games as much as i do, it's kind of rare to meet people like that and she laughed, agreeing! :') she was so cute. lol

and after a great night like that, I tested all of games i brought and they worked. :> went to sleep at 12:00 something, finally some decent sleep... (i didn't get enough sleep because of dentist's appointment being so early >:c

*saturday, day 2*
heather woke me up at 12:00 (i slept for 12 hours?! whoa) and we ate breakfast, Heather and Peter brought some of same kind of food i loved back at home <3!! so i got waffles and brown n serve [hot n spicy kind] (google it if u want) and i loved them so much aaa! then we went to zoo and i get to see a lot of amazing and silly animals like tiger, wolf, meerkat, goat, monkey, seal, and more :> It's a small zoo though, not whole a lot of variety there but it was fun to see animals!! at end of zoo visit, i went to gift store and brought this cutie!


i named him Tod

i also took pictures of.. goat and meerkat? lol

goat being like a boss
meerkat the super cuteness cutie

during the second half of zoo visit, it started to rain a little D: grr! but then we went home to eat lunch then we left to YMCA for swimming and oh my gosh, it was very amazing... pool is super huge, there's smaller pool with water bucket auto thing and a metal yellow thing that make splinter water lines, it got very long flat stairs into water which i loved sitting on being half underwater!! they got very large SPA too c:! there's also flippers you can use anytime there omg? i loved flippers and i went SO fast using them and it was my first time too aaa! and locker room was super spacey and clean with huge mirror and a lot of things, i loved it! wasn't crazy about seeing naked men though.. *shivers* do they not have any shame of being seen naked in PUBLIC..? i had to stare at floor D:<

after all that, we went home and relaxed for little while (it was during night) and then we decided to take 15 minutes walk to that awesome ice cream place called uh.. menchie's frozen yogurt where you make your own mix of ice cream, you can add any ice cream using machines that pour out certain ones :> i got peanut butter then pineapple then vanilla and added sour worms, gummy bears, butterfinger bits, etc.. LOL and price is based on weight of ice cream bowl thing! i loved it there, theme color is lime and pink, it looked really nice there and i loved the mascot: awee

i saw the round chalkboard and asked if i could draw the mascot (menchie) and did! it was great, workers liked it and said not to be surprised if we come back tomorrow and see it being still there! &o& how sweet of them to say!

then we walked back, it's a very long walk on both way though but it was good workout, right? :>

*sunday, day 3*
heather woke me up and i got ready to go to her church (outside and there's like over 500 people) and it was so freaking boring but i came anyways because heather and peter didn't force me to go and i respect them more than i respect my parents, honestly.. they've done so much for me, it's the least i could do and go with them, you know?

after church, we went to restaurant to meet Peter's family (which is super nice and lovely!) as part of the mall, i checked different Game Craze in the mall before Peter's family came but it sucked. lol i got chicken tenders btw! (although they tasted kind of... average, believe me; i've ate a lot of different chicken tenders.. lol)

and uhhh. then we went to game craze (the same one i love) and got few more games including one super rare game that i have spent a night thinking about getting and did!

That's what I got from both visits of Game Craze:
Donkey Kong (GBC)
Donkey Kong Land (GBC)
Tetris (GBC)
Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle (GBC)
Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands (GBC)
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (GBC)
Harvest Moon GBC (GBC)
F-Zero GP Legend (GBA)
Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar (GBA)
Custom Robo Arena (DS)
Pokemon Conquest (DS)
games pic

Super Mario Strikers (GCN)
TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan (GCN)
Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
gcn games pic

Guide books of...
Donkey Kong Country (SNES) pic
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) pic
Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) pic

Pikachu GBC carry case thingy!
Candy version of Atari controller! pic

Pretty sweet, huh? ^o^

Yeah, I'M SUPER HAPPY omfg.
Donkey Kong on GBC was better than i thought, it's not basically just DK game but it also got a lot of things like Mario can do backflip or handstand and jump off, it have levels, boss fights, etc! It's like pre-sequel to Mario VS Donkey. o_o there's also some DK Jr element in gameplay as well, it was amazing.

i heard about custom robo arena off reddit and didn't know it existed, among fans that played gamecube version loved this DS game so i got it! :3

Tales of Symphonia is THAT very rare game i told you about, it got TWO discs! and i heard it's REALLY good and i have a friend who did play it and recommended that if i even saw one in video game store, buy it! ^o^

megman battle network 6 cybeast falzar is the last version of game series i didn't have. <3 now i have all!

pokemon conquest is freaking great, it's like final fantasy tactics but with pokemon!!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3 was the last TY game i didn't get, i couldn't find it anywhere else until now! ^w^

There's so much more that i wanted to talk about games I brought but i'll leave it here.. lol

so yep, i'm super happy!
after game craze, went home to watch a episode of scrubs and then went to YCMA again for swimming!! and then we went home to watch two more episodes of scrubs show :> I LOVE a lot of characters like J.D., Turk, Carla, Perry, and especially Elliot <3 <3 <3 she's so adorable and lovable. ;w;

*monday, day 4*
which is.. today. train is being dumb and didn't come until one hour later and it delayed for more two hours taking me home.. e.e But yay, nice to be home again! :>


United States

~Hello!! I'm Andrew but please call me Spark~ :>

I'm open for stamp requests, check here!…

<3<3fantastic loving sisters<3<3
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I like to draw, play video games, talk, watch anime, sleep, bunch of stuff :>
I love winter, slate blue, orange, blue, cats
More about me here. :3…

Stuff I like~
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Toontown-Slendy Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
i must say, i can never get bored of looking at your art, i love the style of it too! great job. keep it up! :)
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Aw!! that made me happy to know! ^_^ I like your art as well!! I should have DA watched you sooner ahh! It seems like you're a fan of Geno too and your art of Kelly is adorable!! I really like Kelly design a LOT!! : D
Missmba Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
Hi Soundless! Just checked out your pictures and they are amazing! so much talent :-) Also, I love anime too, especially fma. See you in game soon :-D -Ducktape
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Thank you for allowing me to use your HD estate paintings!
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If you don't want me using your paintings in my pack, then it's fine, I understand completely.
SoundlessComet Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Dawww <3 You may, but do make sure to credit me!
I'm honored, thank you very much!
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hope you like it ; n ;
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